MUA Program

Being an MUA can be fun and creative, but we here at Lovable Lashes know it can be costly!
We already offer our lashes at a great, affordable price but when bulk buying for clients it all adds up.
So we offer a huge 20-25% OFF for professional MUA's! (depending on experience)
This way you can save money while giving your client the best lashes in the business, Siberian mink lashes are soft and light for your clients comfort! Perfect for weddings and any occasion really!
With our thin lash band they give your client's lashes the most natural finish, guaranteed to be a hit with your clients, or why not grab a 5 pack if you handle a large volume of clients the pack is amazingly compact and the lashes are soft and comfortable.
To qualify for this amazing discount we ask that you;
  • Have a minimum of 1 year experience as a MUA
  • E-mail a copy of your certificate and/or makeup clients pictures to with subject title "MUA Program" for priority response.
  • If you are a self-taught artist, we welcome you too! Just email us a link to your instagram/facebook/ website that proves you are a active working artist in the industry (meaning you have recent clients)
  • All we ask is that you can prove your an ACTIVE MUA with regular clients
If accepted we shall e-mail you a unique code that only you are authorised to use. Your code must be used on orders over £50.
If another customer was to use your unique code it will result in your code becoming inactive.
We hope you enjoy shopping with Lovable Lashes!


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